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Dancer | Choreographer | Educator

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Hi! I'm a dancer, choreographer and educator based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from St. Louis, MO - I have graciously danced my way from the studios of the Midwest to the stages of New York City. Classically & competitively trained, I've been fortunate enough to work in both concert & commercial dance genres. My versatility within movement in addition to experience working with a variety of age ranges is what keeps me consistently booking and creating. 

I strongly believe that the power of dance can strengthen, heal, connect and "move" the masses. My ultimate goal is to inspire those I come in contact with to dance to the beat of their own drum and stretch outside of their comfort zone.  There's few things I love more than Sriracha on everything I eat, however my love for dance is one of them. 


"Loved working with Dani. Her unique dance style and great personality are additions to the shoot. Always a pleasure to have her on set."

"Dani is an absolute pleasure to work with and I know the rest of staff would agree. I can tell she cares about what she is doing, cares about the people around her, and is always looking to be the best version of herself."

"Dani was my favorite judge. Goodness bless her, she did not stop talking from beginning to end for each of the routines! She's a fantastic judge. We only play one critique from each routine to our kids in class to save time and she is the one we picked to play for a majority of the routines we did because she was so full of information."